Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Woolie Eyes, Flowers and Leaves

A fun and easy way to add a little dimension to a hooked piece is simply by rolling strips of wool onto each other.  They make the most wonderful flowers, eyes, swirls in sheep, and leaves.
*Excuse the farmgirl hands....they get used everyday*

I am hooking a pumpkin mat and used a dark orange and black for the eyes.  You can shape your wool into triangles, tear drops, circles, ovals, etc.

Start by selecting your wools you can use two strips or even more as shown in the very first picture where I had three strips.

Simple begin rolling the wool around each other.

Continue until you have the size you would like and cut off the remaining strips.

With a needle and thread run stitches back and forth on the outside wool strip going from one side through the center to the outside.  Repeat around until it is secure.

I like to do about 4 to 5 stitches through mine.


Next just lay it down on your project and sew through the background material.  Add several stitches until it is stable.  You will hook right up to the piece that you stitched on.

For a flower with a little texture I took the edge of a a piece of wool that was a bit ruffled.

Added another wool edge from the red. I did trim up the edge just a bit since it was a little too raggedy for my liking.

Roll the two pieces together and you have a very nice textured flower.

For easy quick leaves just pinch together and sew tighter at one end.
Maybe these little pieces will make their way into a small hooked bouquet!  If you haven't already tried this technique give it a try it adds a little extra dimension to your piece and is very quick and easy to do!
Until we meet again....Ginger


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I have been seeing this technique lately and love the idea What a great way to use up scraps too.


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much!