Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dyeing for a Change

A few weeks ago Pati and I made up a pictorial penny rug.  I drew out some very simple objects and cut them out of wool.  I had a few pieces of old flower sacks and we each took one along with our wool pieces.  I made a table mat out of mine and added a little tag saying Our Homestead 1862.
Well it was just too bright of a white for me so what else to do but grab the Rit Tan Dye!  I quickly grabbed a few more things to distress and went to work.

I filled a roasting pan I use for dyeing only with water and heated it until it was nice and warm.  You don't want it boiling.  I added about 1/2 bottle of rit tan dye (it's all that I had, more about that later)  to the pan along with about 1/4 cup of vinegar to set the color. 
Next I placed in more pieces and punched them down with a wooden spoon that I only use for dyeing.  I did not stir my pieces I wanted a mottled effect.
Once I felt like they had soaked in enough dye I removed them and rinsed until the water ran clear.
A sunny day with a good Oklahoma breeze will have them dry in no time!
Meanwhile back to the dye bath. Out of rit dye and ready to do a few more pieces  you just make do with a cup of coffee.  Just brew up a good stout cup and pour it right in the dye bath.
Wait a little bit and let it all soak in and rinse really well then  off to the clothesline to dry.
Here is what all went in the dye pan.  An oxford punch pumpkin, an old dresser scarf, white tights, and fabric.

Now the "Old Homestead" looks much better with a background that doesn't stand out.
Give Rit Tan dye a try if you are dyeing for a change on some of your projects!  I'll have Pati post a picture of her pictorial penny rug it turned out wonderful.
Until we meet again.....Ginger


WoolenSails said...

I love antiquing pieces like that, they should look like they got dirty and spotted and you did a wonderful job on it.


cucki said...

Wow it is looking so lovely ..I love the old antique look on them..
Hugs x

Jacqueline said...

So you just added the cup of coffe right to your left over rit dye bath? Never would have thought to do that.

Thanks for sharing.

jennifer768 said...

Thanks for the tip!Love how it turned out!Hugs,Jen