Friday, March 29, 2013

Wool Yarn Cakes!

Fat free and no calories yet bursting with color!  The dye pot has been full of yarn the past few days and wonderful colors of reds, yellows, oranges, greens and blues are dry and are being wound into yummy cakes!

Perhaps Santa coats, sunflowers, or houses from these rich colors.

Pumpkins and leaves, grass, and oh I see blue skies!
Rain has made it's way to the Oklahoma so the dye pot will rest for a few days as we enjoy the rain.
Until we meet again.....Ginger

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scrappy Hooked Chair Pad

My wooly worms seem to multiple.  They are all different cuts ranging from a #6 to #8.5.
Here is a simple way to use up a few and have a scrappy chair pad once you are done.

I grabbed a pizza circle or perhaps you could use a plate or whatever you have that is round in the size you would like.  Just draw around the circle on to your linen or monks cloth.

Find the center.

Gather up your worms


Large or small they will all work together.

Hook around your circle first then come back and hook some squiggly lines from the center out to the border.  I did mine in black and brown.

Simply start following the shape of the squiggly lines adding some on one side and the other within that section. 
Before you know it you will have a scrappy chair pad with lots of color!
Until we meet again....Ginger

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hoo~Ray We Have Two Winners!

We have two winners of the Oxford Punch Needles along with a pattern, yarn, and monks cloth.  For all of those who did not win and want to use the doodle above please do so we want everyone to have a little something!
Here are the winners....

I'll send an email to both of you gals and we will get the kits out to you right away.
Thank you so much to all that participated in our first giveaway here at Prairie Moon Primitives.
We have another giveaway coming up very soon and you will want to check back so you don't miss out!
Until We Meet Again....Ginger

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dyeing for a Change

A few weeks ago Pati and I made up a pictorial penny rug.  I drew out some very simple objects and cut them out of wool.  I had a few pieces of old flower sacks and we each took one along with our wool pieces.  I made a table mat out of mine and added a little tag saying Our Homestead 1862.
Well it was just too bright of a white for me so what else to do but grab the Rit Tan Dye!  I quickly grabbed a few more things to distress and went to work.

I filled a roasting pan I use for dyeing only with water and heated it until it was nice and warm.  You don't want it boiling.  I added about 1/2 bottle of rit tan dye (it's all that I had, more about that later)  to the pan along with about 1/4 cup of vinegar to set the color. 
Next I placed in more pieces and punched them down with a wooden spoon that I only use for dyeing.  I did not stir my pieces I wanted a mottled effect.
Once I felt like they had soaked in enough dye I removed them and rinsed until the water ran clear.
A sunny day with a good Oklahoma breeze will have them dry in no time!
Meanwhile back to the dye bath. Out of rit dye and ready to do a few more pieces  you just make do with a cup of coffee.  Just brew up a good stout cup and pour it right in the dye bath.
Wait a little bit and let it all soak in and rinse really well then  off to the clothesline to dry.
Here is what all went in the dye pan.  An oxford punch pumpkin, an old dresser scarf, white tights, and fabric.

Now the "Old Homestead" looks much better with a background that doesn't stand out.
Give Rit Tan dye a try if you are dyeing for a change on some of your projects!  I'll have Pati post a picture of her pictorial penny rug it turned out wonderful.
Until we meet again.....Ginger

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let the Giveaway's Begin!

Announcing our first giveaway hope you will join the fun.  We have several more giveaways planned.
For the first giveaway we will have  two different winners.  Pati Jane and I are going to be demonstrating at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri this fall and these are just a couple of the beginner kits we will offer.  They are easy enough ages 8 to 80 can learn to do them!
We have been busy making new patterns, kits, gathering supplies, dyeing yarn and oh so much more.  That is only a glimpse of what is in the on with the giveaway!
Two lucky winners will receive
 Oxford #10 Punch Needle
Hand~dyed wool yarn
A Prairie Moon Pattern
Monks cloth
Rug Binding
Here is what you will need to do to enter the drawing.
Leave a comment on this post and become a follower of this blog if you haven't already.  If you don't have a blog you need to leave an email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win. 
We will announce a winner Monday,   March 25th!
Until we meet again.....Ginger